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To help you


Listen with Confidence

with the ATLAS Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids Program

  • For improving everyday life

  • For advancing occupational hearing conservation

OTC Hearing Aids and OTC Kit


For treating self-detected mild-moderate hearing loss 

  • OTC Hearing Aids with detailed Instructional Guide

  • OTC Kit for hearing aid use and maintenance

  • OTC marketplace for supplies

OTC Learning and Living Well eTool 

​For independent hearing care and decision-making

  • Hearing health and safety essentials per federal directives 

  • ATLAS OTC hearing aid wear for daily needs

  • Benefits to hearing, physical, mental, cognitive health

  • Monitoring and improving work/life balance and quality of life 

ATLAS-OTC Occupational Hearing Conservation Program

For advancing worker self-improvement and workplace safety management

  • OTC hearing aids and Learning eTool with workplace-specific customizations 

  • Innovative accommodation tools for workers with hearing difficulties

  • Monitoring to reduce preventable hearing and hearing-related injuries

  • Cost-effective benefits and compensation strategies

  • Building a diverse and accepting workplace

OTC Talks
ATLAS Education Program

We volunteer to support community learning on Hearing Health, Work/Life Balance and Quality of Life 

based on information from federal regulations, guidances and advisories


We have special interest in underserved and minority communities

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