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To help you
Listen with confidence™ 

with the ATLAS Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids Program

  • For improving everyday life 

  • For advancing workplace safety

OTC Program 

For treating self-detected mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • OTC Hearing Aids with detailed Instructional Guide

  • OTC eTool for private, self-paced education and guidance tool for hearing recovery and living well

  • OTC Kit for hearing aid use and maintenance, hearing protection

  • OTC Service and Marketplace for use support and accessories 

OTC eTool 

Comes with the ATLAS OTC Hearing Aids. For independent hearing care and decision-making.

  • ATLAS OTC hearing aid wear for daily needs

  • Hearing health and safety essentials per federal directives 

  • Monitoring and improving quality of life

OTC Program- At work

For advancing worker self-improvement and workplace safety management.

  • All components of ATLAS OTC Program


  • Workplace OTC eTool: Private self-paced guide for analysis of personal safety, protections and adjustments, customized to workplace

  • Workplace OTC service: Workplace and worker needs for being hearing-loss friendly

OTC Talks

Free educational webinars on hearing health and safety, led by our team of experienced Regulatory and Safety professionals.

Upcoming Events

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