Unmet Need*
1.1 B
young adults worldwide at risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss
selection for military service with hearing loss
> 900 M 
with hearing loss worldwide by 2050
75% or more
do not wear hearing aids worldwide
top 5
UN priority for hearing technology
Noise Induced Hearing Loss in young adults is largely due to exposure to loud music through personal audio devices 
Hearing Loss in adults is the most common modifiable risk factor for dementia 
Hearing Loss is Painless, Progressive, Permanent ...but Preventable 
Our mission*
User-centered, quality, accessible, 
value-based products
Adaptable to daily life 
Aligned with US and UN standards 

Our vision

Promote hearing healthcare worldwide 


US National Institute of Health

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine

US Food and Drug Administration

Dept. of  Defense Hearing Center of Excellence

World Health Organization

International Telecommunications Union

Global Partnership for Assistive Technology


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