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To help you
Listen with confidence™ 

with the ATLAS Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids Program

  • For improving everyday life

  • For advancing occupational hearing conservation

OTC Hearing Aids and OTC Kit

For treating self-detected mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • OTC Hearing Aids with detailed Instructional Guide

  • OTC Kit for hearing aid use and maintenance

  • OTC marketplace for supplies

OTC eTool 

Comes with the ATLAS OTC Hearing Aids and OTC Kit. For independent hearing care and decision-making.

  • ATLAS OTC hearing aid wear for daily needs

  • Hearing health and safety essentials per federal directives 

  • Monitoring and improving quality of life

OTC Occupational Hearing Conservation Program

For advancing worker self-improvement and workplace safety management.

  • OTC hearing aids and Learning eTool with workplace-specific customizations

  • Innovative accommodation tools for workers with hearing difficulties

  • Monitoring to reduce preventable hearing and hearing-related injuries

  • Cost-effective benefits and compensation strategies

OTC Talks

Free educational webinars on hearing health and safety, led by our team of experienced Regulatory and Safety professionals.

Setting Yourself up for Success with OTC Hearing Aids
Setting Yourself up for Success with OTC Hearing Aids
May 31, 2024, 12:00 PM EDT
Virtual Event
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