Listen with confidence  



Personalized listening wellness + 

based on your headphone and environment sound exposures

Improved audibility + 

based on your self-identified mild to moderate hearing problems

 Enhanced hearing safety culture + 
at Work and in the Community 



In accordance with current regulatory standards for your safety, effectiveness, satisfaction 

Designed with input from those engaged in hearing health

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Hearing Health is important  


for daily communications, social interaction, school performance, job advancement, overall quality of life 


for preventing falls, isolation, depression, dementia

for enhancing occupational hearing safety and productivity   

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Our ATLAS products 

I. For your personalized listening wellness 

REDUCE harmful  

sound exposures guided by your safe listen times  

ATLAS Resonate

Daily/Weekly exposures vs. Safe Dose* for headphone, environment sounds 

KNOW your hearing health, select steps to maintain good hearing 

Online Tool*

Hearing essentials, risk factors, protection, prevention, monitoring


* Standards: OSHA, WHO, ITU, WHO, FDA Digital Health

Cybersecurity and Privacy protection

International patent (PCT) pending

References below

II. For your improved audibility 


AMPLIFY sounds with high fidelity, accuracy, ACCESS  directly without fitting

Hearing Aid*

Ready to use presets for social & environment sounds, tested for performance, safety & design, no hearing professional involvement 

IMPROVE use of Hearing Aid, ENGAGE with family, friends

Assistant App*

Hearing Aid wear tracking, Hearing Aid maintenance, safety of sound exposures, music enjoyment, telephone conversations

IDENTIFY perceived hearing loss, DECIDE Hearing Aid need,  MONITOR wellbeing

Self-Check & Monitoring
Online Tool*

Mild-Moderate hearing loss symptoms, signs for immediate medical consult, other symptoms, risks, protection & prevention 

Standards: * FDA OTC Rule (when final), FDA Digital Health 

Cybersecurity and Privacy protection

International patent (PCT) pending

References below

III. For enhanced safety culture 

ATLAS Education


Training and Technology 

to educate about new options and rights due to recent legislation, hearing safety guides


to evaluate workplace policy, accommodation needs

for a cost-effective Quality of Work experience 


Enhance hearing conservation at work


For Safety Professionals

Supplement Occupational Hearing Safety training & Hearing Conservation Program

Promote hearing wellness in the community

For community events

Learn about enjoyment of  lifestyle activities while managing hearing risk 

Our community engagement 

Our collaborative partnership 

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Our membership and support

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