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to maintain hearing aid and hearing health

Independent care of hearing aids is important given the emerging global circumtances

Direct-to-User access 

Timely, easy availability of essential supplies and training for hearing aid maintenance   

Reliable knowledge for self-care

Awareness of clinical  aspects and safety to make informed decisions 

References: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, ATScale hearing aid narrative,

WHO, Consumer Bill of Rights 

ATLAS Care provides 

Supplies Marketplace

Centralized, easy to access essential supplies with training on how and when to replace 


  • Battery 

  • Slim tube

  • Open dome

  • Cleaning brush 

  • Store and carry   

Directions for Use

  • Replacing Battery, Tube, Dome

  • Cleaning, Storage, Recycling, Disposal 

  • When to Consult Doctor  

  • Video instructions

Hearing Health Portal

Reliable and current information from US federal, military and UN resources  

Hearing loss

  • Causes, Testing, Diagnosis

  • Risk factors

  • Hearing disorders specific to occupations

  • Long-term consequences

Hearing aid

  • Technology   

  • Benefits, Limitations, Standards

  • Regulation


Helpful practices 

  • Ear care   

  • Hearing care

  • Lifestyle support  

Current research and regulations on hearing healthcare  

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