Atlas Resonate

Mobile application that helps you with safe listening, provides tools to help reduce exposure to potentially harmful noise levels and duration and suggests safe listening choices.

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Unique features for your hearing wellness* 

Harmful noise levels and exposure duration are key causes for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

What other apps miss in terms of...

Noise levels: 

Noise, measured in decibel (dB) scale, is nonlinear.

Thus impact on hearing safety is much greater than actual dB increase.

For example, noise that goes from 50 dB to 60 dB is actually 2x louder.


One-time measurement (say at 85 dB) being considered 'safe' is misleading.

Total duration of exposure to other loud sounds during your day could be unsafe.

For example, dB level below 85 dB being considered 'safe' is misleading as it does not account for real-life small, seemingly negligible  unsafe exposures (i.e. 15 minutes at 100 dB). 

*: World Health Organization, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US National Institutes of Health, US Environmental Protection Agency   

Atlas Resonate App (iOS, Android) measures dB levels and duration for your day-to-day exposure, computes safety level, provides tools to manage exposures while enjoying your lifestyle

Improve your safe listening 

Enable sound measurement based on your daily activity and choice


Estimate your daily exposure from ambient sounds and audio streaming vs safe listening standards*


Spot-Check your current sound environment

*(1) World Health Organization- International Telecommunication Union (WHO-ITU) H.870 for safe listening devices

(2) US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - Permissible Exposure Level 

Both standards address noise limits from other federal and military agencies

Your guide to safe listening

Automatically sample your exposure throughout the day*

Spot Check sound environments to help you minimize your exposure

Receive alerts with a timer to continue listening at that level

See reports of your daily and weekly estimates against safe daily dose

Receive suggestions for safe listening choices e.g. put distance between you and sound source

*Available for Android and iOS paired with Apple Watch

Your information reliability

Verification and Validation of computation of sound exposures vs. safe listening standards 


User testing of real world use  

Your information safety

Privacy per US and global standards

Cybersecurity per FDA standards

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