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Earwax: It protects ears from infection; however excessive wax buildup can cause reduced hearing and sudden deafness.

Read about the Do's, Dont's and what you need to check 

Over-the-Counter or OTC

The Future of Hearing Safety and Health Program.

The FDA’s historic OTC Hearing Aid Rule and  

anticipated effect on the future of hearing
healthcare with emphasis on self managed care

OSHA Safe and Sound Week, 2022

Medical devices for hearing-related conditions: Know what is safe and effective

Federal Trade Commission, National Consumer Protection Week, 2022


Test Tube

Ototoxicity and your Hearing Health

OSHA Safe and Sound, 2021


Pencil and notepad

Good Lecture Practices: Why do they matter, reaching out to your professor

WHO World Hearing Day, 2020


Avatar 101

Good Workplace Practices: Preventing occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Accessible meetings for employees with hearing loss

OSHA Safe and Sound, 2020