Ear and Hearing care (EHC) in times of COVID and beyond

WHO's World Hearing Forum (WHF, 2018-2025) was formed to implement World Health Assembly's resolution 70.13 for 'Prevention of deafness and hearing loss'. The Forum's objectives are to strengthen ear and hearing care services and develop public health strategies on hearing loss.

A WHF webinar was held on 9/22 to discuss: Task sharing for EHC (ear and hearing care) in times of COVID and beyond

Key points:

- World Report on Hearing will be launched in March 2021

- Recommendations to integrate EHC into health systems

- Pandemic related lifestyle changes has highlighted need for alternative EHC models

- Services needed post hearing aid fitting to ensure continuity of care

- Aim should be to providing services closer to community

- Highly trained professionals not needed in most EHC tasks

- Tasks could be shared by other members of care community

- Presentation of 'sharing' examples to address resource constraints

- Focus on finding country-specific solutions to anticipated challenges

Key care considerations:

- Raising awareness of good EHC

-Timely identification of Hearing Loss

- Management of common hearing problems

At Audition Technology

- We are engaged in WHF and related WHO activities

- We will explore extensions to ATLAS Care to integrate World report recommendations

Image credit: WHO