ATLAS OTC Hearing Aid
for perceived mild to moderate hearing impairment

2017: FDA Reauthorization Act to establish new category of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

2021: FDA Proposed Rule to establish OTC Hearing Aids* to choose a safe and effective device without the involvement of a licensed person


Controlled, customized by those with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, 18 and older


Sold directly to consumers  without medical exam or a fitting by audiologist 


Air conduction technology with specific safety, performance, design requirements   


Lower price, no additional costs for appointments, no state, federal restrictions

ATLAS OTC Hearing Aid

to treat your self-identified Mild to Moderate Hearing Impairment without professional assistance


Air conduction technology with safety, performance and design features aligned with FDA OTC Final Rule 

Digital signal processing to optimize speech intelligibility and manage feedback, surrounding noise

Bluetooth connection for audio streaming 

ATLAS OTC Assistant App to support your hearing aid wear and maintenance


Technical support and contact to address concerns in a timely manner  

*REFERENCES: FDA News Release: FDA issues landmark proposal to improve access to hearing aid technology for millions of Americans, Federal Register: Medical Devices; Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices; Establishing Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids