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ATLAS OTC Assistant App and Online Tools
to optimize OTC hearing aid use    

Hearing care effectiveness depends on*


Consistent wear

Monitoring and improving hearing aid use  


Quality of benefit

Hearing aid benefit should extend beyond 'Hearing' to 'Quality of Life'


Hearing health management

By taking protective and preventive actions 

ATLAS OTC Assistant App

to assist hearing aid wear and maintenance and to support safe listening practices 

Personalized usage metrics and trends in wear  

Enhanced enjoyment of streamed audio 

Computation of environment and headphone sound exposures vs. safe listen standards  

Battery life indicator and part replacement notification

Option to engage family member/partner



Online Tool


Centralized access to battery and replacement parts (slim tube, open dome, carry pouch)

Training for part replacement and hearing aid maintenance

Portal for reliable information on hearing health essentials 

* REFERENCES: National Institutes of Health, US Preventive Services Task Force, World Health Organization

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