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Our ATLAS products:


Promote self-management of your safe listening

Empower you to self-treat mild to moderate hearing loss and manage your lifestyle

Have functionalities that address real-world hearing needs as advised by our Council  

Hearing Health is important  


for daily communications, social interaction, school performance, job advancement, overall quality of life 


for preventing falls, isolation, depression, dementia

References below


For your Safe Listening*

Environmental + Audio sound sources

For 18 years and older

App to

Check sound exposures from environmental (from phone microphone) +

headphone (audio streaming) sources

See corresponding safe listen times

Check daily and weekly exposures vs. safe dose

 Online Self-management Tool to

Onboard with tips for different use situations

Learn hearing essentials, self-check, self-care for hearing health

*Per OSHA and WHO safe listen standards; presented to FDA.

Not a Sound Level Meter


For your Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss*

For 18 years and older

No prescription or medical professional involvement

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Air-conduction hearing aid with

High fidelity amplification for daily social, environmental sounds

Safety features to prevent hearing damage

Design features for comfort of use and prevention of injury 


Assistant App to

Improve hearing aid wear-time

Manage safe listening

Maintain hearing aid and engage with caregiver


Self-Analysis and Wellbeing Interactive Tool to

Check hearing health profile, self-identify hearing loss

Know when to seek medical attention



* Presented to FDA; to be aligned with FDA OTC Rule when finalized 

All products meet current  US and UN Regulatory Standards for Design, Performance, Safety, Usability, Quality

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