Atlas Care - To maintain your hearing aid & hearing health

Features based on hearing aid users' and caregivers' feedback on what is important for daily lifestyle

Basic Replacements

Easy access to Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aid supplies 


Step by step directions and training 


Safety information


Cleaning, storage and recycling

Timely availability

Mobile Health (mHealth)

Hearing health information  


Clinical aspects, treatments, best practices

When to seek medical attention


From US federal health (including FDA) and UN; updates on emerging activities 

Order options to suit your lifestyle

Single: Any supply, one time order; same day delivery option for CMU or Pitt campus


Auto: Monthly battery delivery so you are never out of stock


Select: Your tube length or dome size  


Hearing Health information: Any order includes access to mHealth information 

Supplies Marketplace

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Hearing Health Information (Atlas care services)

Directions For Use 

  • Battery

  • Thin Tube 

  • Open Dome 

  • Cleaning, Storage, Recycling, Disposal 

  • When to Consult Doctor  

  • Video instructions

Hearing loss

  • Cause

  • Diagnosis, Testing

  • Risk factors

  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 

  • Age-Related Hearing Loss

  • Musician Hearing Disorder

  • Tinnitus

  • Depression, Dementia 

Hearing Aids

  • Technology   

  • Benefits, Limitations, Standards

  • Regulation

  • OTC Hearing Aids

Good Practices

  • Ear Care 

  • Hearing Care​

  • Medical Attention

  • Selecting Hearing Aid

  • Recommended Checklist

  • Lifestyle Support 


  • Prevalence

  • Accessibility, Affordability 

  • Current Research, Partnerships 

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