ATLAS Hearing Safety & Health  




on Federal regulations and directives

with Technology to implement 

For improving :


Quality of Work experience

Quality of Life experience

At Work & Outside of Work

Enhance hearing health and safety culture at work 


For Safety Professionals

Occupational Hearing Safety Training & Hearing Conservation Program

Promote hearing wellness in the community

For Community Organizers

Learn about enjoyment of  lifestyle activities while managing hearing risk 

Effective Hearing Health and Safety Culture at work
Guided by OSHA's Core Elements

Management leadership


vision for worker well-being with cost-effective resources 

Hazard identification and assessment


self-inspect workplace, personal hazards, hearing problem-related injuries

Education and training

tailored to specific company and worker needs, relevant to day-to-day functions

Worker participation


all-day hearing health & safety and fitness for duty

Hazard prevention and control


hearing conservation program that includes self-management of hearing health

Program evaluation and improvement 

effectiveness, record-keeping, tools for timely implementation, continuous improvement

Promotion of hearing wellness in community
Supported by current hearing health information and protection measures relevant to today's lifestyle


Basics on hearing, noise, effects on hearing and beyond hearing


Your personal lifestyle, needs and potential risks


Practical ways to protect and adopt safe habits