ATLAS Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Hearing Aid
Education ePortal 

for enhanced listening when you self-identify
Mild-Moderate hearing loss 

In agreement with Final FDA OTC Rule


OTC Hearing Aid 

  •  Ready-to-Use hearing aid 

  •  Digital technology to amplify sounds for your listening needs 

  • Safe and Effective following FDA specified standards

  • Friendly design for easy use and maintenance 

  • No prescription or fitting

  • Buy directly, affordable

OTC ePortal

  • Learn about hearing essentials, risks, hazards

  • Self-analyze, control and monitor your hearing and overall health 

  • Know when to see a doctor

  • Know your rights supported by federal laws 

  • Make your own lifelong hearing conservation program

The August 2022 FDA Finalized Rule  to provide Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids to millions of Americans, 18 and older,
with Mild-Moderate hearing loss
Without a medical exam, prescription or audiologist fitting
At a lower cost because of direct sale to you

37.5 M American adults report hearing troubles 

Using hearing aids would be of benefit to them

But 80% do not use hearing aids

Due to cost, buying restrictions, social  concerns, unsure about hearing aid benefit 


OTC Hearing Aids Rule answers these concerns

You decide

Self-check symptoms

No need for prescription,

fitting by audiologist

You control

Select settings per your listening needs


Know when to see a doctor if more serious

FDA standards

For Design, Performance, Safety


Use, Care and Maintenance support


No local restrictions,

no appointment fees

Lower cost due direct sale to you 

Reference: FDA Final OTC Rule