ATLAS Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Hearing Aid
OTC Education 
OTC Assistant App  

for enhanced listening when you self-identify
Mild-Moderate hearing loss 

To be available after Final FDA OTC Rule

The October 2021 FDA Proposed Rule established a new category of hearing aids - called OTC hearing aids - to improve access to millions who have early stages on hearing loss

37.5 M American adults report hearing troubles 

Using hearing aids would be of benefit to them

But 80% do not use hearing aids

Due to cost, buying restrictions, social  concerns, unsure about hearing aid benefit 


OTC Hearing Aids Rule answers these concerns

You decide

Self-check symptoms

No need for prescription,

fitting by audiologist

You control

Select settings per your listening needs


Know when to see a doctor if more serious

FDA standards

For Design, Performance, Safety


Use, Care and Maintenance support

Easy, Economical

No local restrictions,

no appointment fees

Lower cost due direct sale to you 

Reference: FDA OTC Draft Rule

ATLAS OTC Hearing Aid
Ready-to-Use hearing aid 

For clarity of sounds that are changed due to your mild-to-moderate hearing loss

Digital technology with sophisticated microchip to amplify sound different listening needs 

No prescription or fitting

OTC Education   

Self-check if you have mild to moderate hearing loss

Know signs when you need to see a doctor

Know sources of hearing harm and how to protect

Self-monitor your hearing and over-all health

Be prepared for next doctor visit

OTC Assistant App 

Check safe listen times when using and not using hearing aid

Wear time reports and suggestions

Music enjoyment suggestions

Battery life indicator

Telephone conversation support

 Clear directions for use, maintenance  and user support line

Quick ordering of supplies 

The App functions do not control or impact functioning of the OTC hearing aid