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Transparent Wave

ATLAS Over-the-Counter (OTC) 

For enhanced listening when you self-recognize 
Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss  

If you have these Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss symptoms 

- Trouble hearing speech in noisy places

- Find it hard to follow speech in groups

-Trouble hearing on the phone

- Listening makes you tired

- Turn up TV or radio volume, and other people complain it is too loud


ATLAS OTC Program could be right for you

No prescription or fitting needed

Fair pricing 



OTC Hearing Aid,

Communicate better


Assistive technology, services




Guides, self-checks for healthy living

Do not use if you are younger than 18

ATLAS OTC Hearing Aid

White OTC.jpg

Pictures magnified to show details

Gray OTC.jpg
Navy Blue OTC.jpg

for satisfaction

  • Ready-to-Use, battery operated, volume control

  • 16-channel digital sound processing

  • 5 pre-programmed settings for daily speech and environmental sounds

  • Distortion control for clear amplification

  • Low self-generated noise to hear softer sounds, prevent whistling

  • High sound output speed, echo prevention

  • Amplification program for sound quality

  • Telecoil for added listening

for everyday use

  • Excessive sound output limit

  • ​Electrical safety 

  • No electromagnetic interference

  • No normal skin irritation

  • No overheating

  • Protection from dust, moisture

for comfort, convenience

  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE), user tested for comfort

  • Designed for correct use

  • Choice of 3 colors, transparent tube, 3 tip sizes

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy cleaning, disinfection



Cleaning and Storage


Phone communication aid


Step by step instructions 

Hearing protection 

Contact, Returns, Support

ATLAS Self-guided OTC Use and Living Well ePortal

Preparing for ATLAS OTCs

Using ATLAS OTCs and Assistive services  

Managing OTC wear and work/life needs

Maintaining good hearing health and quality of life

Versión en español

Information sourced from federal organizations and updated to stay current

ATLAS Support for specific needs 

ATLAS OTC Marketplace

for additional supplies per your needs  

Audiology Connect

for hearing health support per your needs

Other products in development

OTC Assistant App

for improving wear time, music enjoyment, noise monitoring for safe listening

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

to answer phone calls, stream music,

without slowing performance

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

to replace disposable batteries, Overnight charge for all day use 

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