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ATLAS Occupational Hearing Safety Program

For workplace safety and employee engagement 


ATLAS program is the future of
Occupational Hearing Health and Safety 

- Hearing Conservation per OSHA and NIOSH regulations, recommendations

- Worker engagement per OSHA, NIOSH and NSC principles for total worker well-being

- Self-management of hearing health per FDA OTC Rule principles


Worker involvement in hearing conservation, extending beyond workplace

Demonstration of commitment to safety culture

Cost-effective measures

Subject matter expertise:

OSHA Training Institute & NSC Certifications

CAOHC Certification

Licensed Audiologist

FDA Liaison and Regulatory Scientist

 Informed by real-world input from workers and management 

Hearing Conservation Training

Hearing Loss Prevention  Program

Hearing Protection and Self-Care Technology

Versión en español

CAOHC: Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

NIOSH: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

NSC: National Safety Council

OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OTC: Over-The-Counter

Hearing Conservation Training 
for workplaces exceeding OSHA Permissible Noise Exposures 

29CFR1910.95 compliance

Federal and applicable State regulations, Worker engagement and self-management principles

Hearing impaired accomodations

OSHA SHIBs, FDA OTC Rule for self-treatment, Practices for collaboration and communication,

EEOC and ADA resources 


Job Safety Analysis, hierarchy of controls, address company and employee needs, metrics, record-keeping 


Fit to existing company training, Online option, Signage and reminders, Monitoring 

Hearing Loss Prevention Program
for personalized hearing healthcare that is self-controlled by worker

Self-Care ePortal


User support

Information generated from federal resources and updated to stay current

Relevant to daily activities - at work and outside work 

Self-paced education and evaluation tools

Self-analysis, monitoring, decision-making on personal hearing health  

Continued learning

Private and confidential

Spanish version of ePortal

Available contact and support    

Hearing Protection Technology 
for maintaining hearing health and safe listen habits 

Hearing protection devices

Wireless audiometry and fit testing

Safe Listen App for self-care

OTC devices and tools for self-treating

Our current engagement in
Occupational Hearing Safety and Health


2023: NHCA annual conference presentation on 'Self-managed Hearing Health eTool : An integration of FDA, OSHA and NIOSH directives' 

OSHA cert.jpg

2022: Host of OSHA Safe and Sound Week, Nationwide event: Webinar on 'The Future of Hearing Safety and Health Program'


2022: MHSRS Annual conference: Poster presentation on 'An Interactive Self-Analysis eTool for managing Hearing Health'

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