Shayan Gupta

Double majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Swartz Innovation Scholar

Carnegie Mellon University

Shawn Kelly PhD

Senior Systems Scientist, Institute for Complex Engineered Solutions

Carnegie Mellon University


SB, MEng, PhD, Electrical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Richard Laskin

Principal Owner 

Brunswick Wealth Management, LLC


BS Finance

Seton Hall University

Craig Haber

Registered Sales Assistant, 

Brunswick Wealth Management, LLC


BS Finance,

West Chester University of Pennsylvania


Wilford Liu
Software Engineer

Majoring in Statistics and Machine Learning and Minoring in Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Hardware and Software Interns

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Pittsburgh


Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Director, Neuroscience Institute, 
Professor, Auditory Neuroscience, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

Carnegie Mellon University


ScB, Electrical Engineering, Brown University

MS, PhD, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kit Needham

Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Director,

Project Olympus,

Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship 

Carnegie Mellon University


BS, Education, University of Maryland

MS, Management of Technology, American University

Lynne Porter

Executive-in-Residence, Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon University


BS, Premedicine,

Ohio Wesleyan University

MD, Medicine,

Thomas Jefferson University

Fellow, Gastroenterology, 

Brown University

Richard Stern 

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Language Technologies Institute, Computer Science Department, Biomedical Engineering
Lecturer, Music

Carnegie Mellon University

 S.B. Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Extended Advisory Board 

Project Management

Clinical Science

Regulatory Strategy 


Members with hearing impairment

and caregivers

who provide input

into our product design, development, use

External Engagements 

Publications & Press


Development of Hearing Technology with Personalized Safe Listening Features

IEEE, 2019 

Development of Hearing Technology with Safe Listening Features

(Young Author Award)

ITU Kaleidoscope, 2019

Integrating User Voice in Hearing Care with Focus on Young
Adult Warfighter (poster)



Pittsburgh Business Times


Integrating User Voice in Hearing Care with Focus on Off-Duty Warfighter (full publication)

Military Medicine 2021 


Support & Outreach

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